November 8, 2016 Testimonials No Comments

Hey Kenny, I’ve been meaning to send you a thank you email. I’m very happy with the Greco so far.

I took the control cover off again to have a closer look at the wiring and I must say that is some incredible work you did there!

It’s very clean and tidy, assembled with military-like precision. The work of someone who takes real pride in what they do.

It’s refreshing and inspiring to see that kind of attention to detail. To me these things matter and make a difference!

There is also a noticeable improvement in tone with the new Tonepros bridge.

I look forward to trying it at band practice tomorrow night where I can play it through my rig.

Absolutely keen to have you do more on my guitars in the near future.

Thank you also for the polish and cloth – that was a nice surprise!


Written by Adam Thomson