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KDG - Electric Guitar & Bass Setups

We all play differently

Style, attack, so your guitar should be setup to reflect your own personal tastes....not mine.
I'm constantly hearing from clients whose previous experiences have been dictated by other repairers. Could you imagine a hair salon running a business like that?

It's all about getting it right for you.

Factory spec actions: By popular brands

String action is generally measured in 64ths of an inch, from the top of the 12th fret.

This is due to the big brands being American and therefore using the imperial system.

Normally you have even action across all frets and sometimes a little more height on the bass side. 

Shredder (3-3) - Fender Strat (4-4) - Gibson Les Paul (5-3) - Taylor acoustic guitars (6-5) - 

Martin acoustic guitars (7-5) - Fender jazz bass (7-6) 


 The KDG - Standard Setup


Clean fret-wire - remove oxidisation

Oil fingerboard - rehydrate the board

Hardware - tighten and lube moving parts
Restring - install and stretch strings
Truss rod - adjust to string gauge and tension
Nut height - optimise heights and file nut slots
Bridge radius - match the fingerboard curve to the bridge saddles

Action (saddle height) - tune-o-matics and other bridges without individual saddle adjustment are notched / filed / ground to correct height and string gauge

Intonation - with Peterson strobe tuner
Pickup heights - balance for tone and volume
Electronics - tested and cleaned (faulty electronics not cover in this price)


KDG Standard Setup (Electric, Bass, Fixed Bridge) - From $100. (GST - INC)



Extras / Upgrade Your Setup

Have a Floyd Rose Tremolo / Or Floating Tremolo?


Floyd Rose Extras

Zero Tremolo - Adjust tremolo spring tension to be parallel to the face of guitar body  

Nut heights - ground or shimmed depending on adjustment required

Bridge radius - match the fingerboard curve to the bridge saddles, grind to perfect radius 

Tremolo action height - Set the string heights or in the case of a Stratocaster, the amount of back pull on the tremolo is adjusted

Lube Hardware - all moving parts including locking blocks are lubed and adjusted to move freely inside the saddle


ADD a Floyd Rose to your Standard Setup - from $50. - $100. (inc GST) 



Buzzing? Crap Action?

Factory frets are sometimes not leveled when installed and/or can have uneven heights. When this happens your action and playability suffers.

A fret-level gives you perfect precision leveled fret heights.
re-crowned with diamond coated crowning files for perfect crown tip resulting in the best possible intonation.



Add to your Standard Setup

The KDG - Deluxe Frets / Fret-level 

Level your frets. Improves intonation, fret-wear & removes high / low frets for a better action


Mask - Prepare neck - clean then mask fingerboard to protect it

Fret-level - precision ground(Also known as fret dress, fret shave, fret stone)
Re-crown 4 stage process - filing, shaping, sanding down through various grits
Machine Buffed - w/ Menzerna residue-free compound (as used by Fender, Gibson)
Hand Polished - to perfection removes any buffing residue



ADD the KDG Deluxe Frets / Fret-Level to your Standard Setup

Bolt on necks - from $149. (GST - INC)

Set necks - from $199. (GST - INC)               

Floating Tremolo / Floyd Rose $199. (GST - INC)


Note: Heavy worn frets, or filthy fingerboards are additional charge


Prices subject to change, Prices given here are based on what the average job clocks in for time