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KDG - Acoustic Guitar Setups

We've all been there. You know, when you just don't gel with your guitar.

It seems harder to play than it should and you just can't connect with it. Well thats what I'm here for. Funny thing is I feel more like a relationship counsellor than a guitar repairer somedays. It's all about getting you two reconnected. 


Here's what's involved and checked during your KDG Acoustic guitar setup.

Clean fret-wire - remove oxidisation

Oil fingerboard - rehydrate the board
Hardware - tighten and lube moving parts

Bridge Pin Holes - Check the wood hasn't swollen and the pins fit correctly and aren't to tight 


Restring - install and stretch in the strings
Truss rod - adjusted to strings gauge tension
Nut height - optimise heights and file nut slots

Action (Bridge saddle height) - Shave saddle to required action height (Bridge saddles must be flat for even pressure so pickup sounds evenly)


Frets - Play through check fret heights for any signs of buzz Fretwork isn't cover in this price KDG DELUXE SETUP will sort this

Electronics - Check battery voltage / tested and cleaned (faulty electronics not cover in this price)

Pickups - Check each string plays at the same volume

Final Inspections - Clean & Polish


KDG - ACOUSTIC SETUP - From $99. (GST - INC) (12 Strings extra) Other options available ask in-store for details