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Sustainiac Stealth Pro - 7 String Sustainer Pickup

KDG - I've used these for years and love my Sustainiac Sustainer. infinitely better then the others sustainers available.

SUSTAINIAC DRIVER: The Sustainiac driver replaces your neck pickup. Choose single-coil size driver, or humbucker size. Choose black or white driver (black only for new 7-string driver). The Sustainiac has an ON/OFF control and also a HARMONIC MODE control. 

SUSTAINIAC CIRCUIT BOARD: The Sustainiac circuit board can be installed into most electric guitar electronics cavities with little or no routing. It will take 3-12 hours to install, depending on your skill as an electronics technician. The installation is quite involved, and the instructions must be followed very carefully. KDG offer installation services.

SUSTAINIAC CONTROLS:  ON/OFF control and also a HARMONIC MODE control. Choose between toggle switches or push-pull switches . Your choice. For push-pull Harmonic Mode control, you already have a built-in Drive control. (Please note switches or Push pulls sold seperately)

NECK PICKUP SOUND OPTION:  Added a couple of wires that can be grounded by a simple DPDT switch to turn the neck pickup single-coil sound to a darker, louder (6dB) humbucker sound. Now, you can get more flexibility from the active neck pickup function of the Stealth Pro.


NZD $399.99