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Deep 6® Baritone Neck for Tele® Rosewood

The Deep 6 Baritone Conversion Neck is simply the best on the market. Designed by noted luthier Joe Veillette and built under license by WD®, these Baritone Necks will convert any standard Fender® Strat® or Tele® into a Baritone Guitar with a low end punch that you just have to experience to believe.Clear satin finish.No modifications to your guitar are necessary. All you have to do to is change the strings to a baritone set. Go Deep with a Deep 6! Dimensions- Width at nut - 1 11/16' Width at heel- 2.190' (standard American Fender® ) Tuner hole size- .3975' (fits most die cast tuners) scale length- 27.67', 24 frets

NZD $439.99
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